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Executive English Communication Coach For Finnish Speakers

My name is Pan and I work with people all over Finland to help them go from ‘okay at speaking English’ to ‘great at speaking English’.

I focus on helping people improve their communication skills, speak fluently and build confidence in English.

I have worked with Pan for six months now and the co-operation still continues. When we started, I was really unsure about my spoken English. Especially pronouncing felt uncomfortable and even a bit embarrassing. The progress in only six months has been unbelievable. I have gained a lot of confidence and have already done lots of meetings, for example job interviews as a hiring manager, with people around the world. For me, it feels like I would have got a completely different life when all the possibilities in English are open.

In addition to all the advantages for my personal and work life, I really like Pan as a person. From the very first meeting, it has been a pleasure to work with Pan. We have had lots of interesting discussions, I have got really good book recommendations from him and I have even seen him as a mentor at times. The best way to learn to speak English is to speak English. I can’t thank and praise Pan enough, and I can definitely recommend him to everyone in all roles (from Trainee to C-level positions). Thank you, Pan!

Valtteri Ylimäki

CFO and Co-founder, Trustmary

About Me

I am a native speaker of English and grew up in The United Kingdom.

I have been helping people master English communication since 2009 and living in Finland since 2013. In that time, I have helped dozens of ambitious Finns to break through language barriers. My clients now give presentations in English, impress international colleagues and lead multinational teams with confidence.

I don’t focus on grammar or use any traditional materials in my work. Instead, my clients and I focus all our time on speaking and building confidence communicating in English.

I work remotely so that I can work with clients all over the country.


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Pan is a great and results oriented teacher, I took a few sessions with him and I felt that he could pass me efficient information about how to communicate better in my day to day work. My confidence grew, and now I am able to convey my opinions better and lead meetings with a larger audience. And in general, he is a very cool person who is a pleasure to talk to.

Alex Jilkin

Full Stack Developer,

Skills & Experience

Expert In Language learning and English communication

I am a native speaker of English and have studied foreign languages for 20 years, so I know the challenges you are facing. My training and qualifications in teaching, languages and education help me offer top quality training to make sure you improve quickly.

Qualified Teacher Since 2010

Master's Degree in Education

Native English Speaker

Studied Six Languages

Pan has helped me find the biggest challenges in my use of English. Through exercise and discussions with Pan, my active vocabulary has grown and I have learned to trust myself as a speaker.

With the help of increased self-confidence, I am now able to achieve business goals and enjoy business meetings also in English. I recommend Pan as a teacher to anyone who wants to develop their English – regardless of your starting level.

Johannes Karjula

CEO, Trustmary

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

I work with people who are serious about improving their English speaking skills and want to feel comfortable and confident when speaking in English. If you know that you want to improve your speaking skills in English and you are ready to make serious progress, now is the time to get in touch and learn more about how I can help.

What level of English do I need to work with you?

If you can understand most of the things you read and hear in English, but feel that you can’t express yourself confidently in English and find it difficult to find the words you need, then you are exactly the kind of person I work with. I know how to help you improve quickly.

How does your communication coaching work?

In our weekly sessions we will focus on improving your understand of how language works and how native speakers are able to speak fluently. We do this through discussing relevant issues for your work and career, whilst building your vocabulary, fluency and accuracy. There are no coursebooks or irrelevant exercises. We only focus on speaking and developing fluent, confident communication.

Why do you work remotely?

I work with companies all over Finland from Helsinki to Oulu,  and I do this safely and effectively by working remotely. The truth is that online training sessions can be even more effective than in-person ones because of their convenience and how easy it is to integrate technology into the meetings.

I prefer in-person lessons. Can you come to my office?

For face-to-face meetings, the hourly rate starts from when I leave my home and ends when I return home.  Because I lose productivity and earning potential due to the travel, I have to charge for the time. If this is acceptable for you, send me a message to get a quote.

Do you also train groups?

My coaching is usually one-to-one, but I have worked with small groups of executives to focus on specific areas such as preparing for English board meetings, capital market days and sales presentations. If you and your leadership team have some specific needs, just get in touch.

I took courses of general English and fluent speaking English (20 lessons for 1.5 hours totally). In this courses we focused mostly on practical usage of the language skipping sometimes formal rules. This “descriptive not prescriptive” approach absolutely matched my goals and provides extremely high results. (Perhaps for exam preparation the approach would be totally different) On lessons We payed lots of attention to spheres of my interest which makes it more attractive and increase involvement. Each lesson Pan provides extra vocabulary and grammar use cases materials and after each lesson he sends an email with the presentation of material learned. Also, according to my desire Pan provided me some homework.

As a result, I can note that it becomes much more comfortable for me to talk to my colleagues and communicate with English speaking environment.

Grigorii Sokolik

Software Engineer,

How valuable is your time?

My coaching services are priced on an hourly basis.  Just 1 hour a week is enough to make incredible progress in your English communication skills when you work with an expert. By working with an experienced communication specialist you maximise your learning and improve more quickly than with traditional teachers and language courses. Consider how much your time is worth and how valuable English is for your job, your career and your confidence.

Hourly Pricing

Prices exclude VAT (ALV) 24%

For corporate training sessions (half-day and full-day), get in touch for a quote.